LA Times Article on Deaths at EDM events

A good review of all drug related deaths (29 total) at events organized by Los Angeles area promoters from the LA Tmes.

Note, however, that several of the causes of death are inaccurartely reported in the article, typically by glossing over details of the final toxicology reports related with the deaths.   This does not appear to be done to be misleading, but to simplify analysis (e.g, Tracy Nguyen reported to have died from an "ecstasy overdose", but died from "mixed drug toxicology", having ethylone and MDMA in her systrem, at a minimum).    We have tried to review reports of specific toxicolgy reports to better understand the susbtances that were ingested and actual causes of death.  

Summary of causes of death (note:  a single death may fall in multiple categories):  

Overheating associated with MDMA and/or stimulants:  7

Stimulant use without MDMA:  7

MDMA acute toxicity: 6

"Mixed drug toxiology":  3

Opiod involved:  3

More specific causes of death:

Overheating associated with MDMA and/or stimulants:  7

MDMA death (acute toxicity): 6

"Mixed drug toxicology": 3

MDMA + amphetimine:  2

Amphetimine:  2

Cocaine, methamphetamine and ketamine: 1

Alcohol, Ecstasy and cocaine toxicity: 1

Ecstasy, cocaine + heroin: 1

ethylone: 1

Herione:  1

oxycodone and amphetamine:  1

Foxy:  1

Behavioral deaths:  2, consisting of a suicide/delusional behavior on MDMA, GHB + Meth), walking into traffic while very drunk (Alcohol (0.195), THC, hydrocodone)