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We are an entirely non-commercial website. There is no source of revenue from this website whatsoever.  No one affiliated with this website earns any income related to any matter discussed on the website. We earn no affiliate fees, take no donations, and have no affiliations with any organization mentioned on this website.  We have no goals other than to have a convenient location to house the music, videos, articles and stories contained herein. 


We do not collect or store any personal information from visitors.  Our hosting company, Squarespace and third-party sites such as YouTube and Spotify use standard "cookies" and may gather other personal information, as disclosed in their privacy policies.  Browser security settings may be used to turn off cookies (this doesn't work out so well for many websites, but is just fine for this one).  We use NordVPN to enhance our privacy; $60 per year protects all your computers and mobile devices and can be easily turned on or off.  

Fact and Fiction; Reliance Upon Information on this Site

All "trip reports" are fictionalized. Any description of people using illegal substances are fictional.  All reviews, descriptions of how we deal with law enforcement, analysis of laws, reviews of software, and other analytic articles are factual in nature, however, we are not experts and these reflect our opinions only.  Every factual statement in on this website not attributed to a third party is merely a statement of our belief on the topic and readers are advised to independently confirmation the information contained herein.  Descriptions of places in our articles are also factual in nature, but the information may be out of date.  For any legal advice, one should always consult a lawyer; for medical advice consult a doctor.  We only publish our subjective opinions and beliefs.  

A Note About Music Genres and Classifications

The bottom line is that some of the people behind this website are really into music.  And really into arguing about what song fits in which generation.  Extended arguments regarding whether a song is dream trance or psychedelic trance or balearic trance do happen.  Except on this website, where we have mutually agreed that once MDMA or LSD is involved, who really gives a crap which genre the song should be in, it either works or it doesn't work.  

Health Considerations

Other than the information in the next paragraph, we give no advice on this website.  We do write about our experiences and share our thoughts, along we those of people we have met, published primarily for our friends and social circle.  We do not give legal advice, and no one who has provided information on this website is, to our knowledge, a practicing attorney.  Our intention is not to encourage the use of drugs; we have spent more time talking to people about substance abuse than sharing stories of fun experiences, because alcohol and drugs can do real harm.  

We do not advocate the use of drugs, legal or otherwise, and we strongly discourage the use of mind altering substances for anyone whose brain is not fully formed.  While the impact of MDMA, LSD and other recreational drugs is unclear, it is more likely that these substances will harm brain development in the young than in the old.  

We strongly encourage all users to educate themselves on the benefits and risks of using any drug by reading peer-reviewed scientific studies.  There is a lot of bad information out there, much of it anti-drug propaganda promoted by government institutions, but increasingly there is bad pro-drug propaganda floating around as well.  Keep everyone you encounter honest about "drug facts".  I've had doctors tell me information that is 100% inaccurate, not from malice, but from lack of knowledge.  Every medical professional I have talked with about scientific studies regarding LSD and MDMA has listened with interest and were receptive to learning scientific facts about substances that are increasingly impacting their patient base. 


Before spending $4k on a used Raman Spectroscopy device (best $4k ever spent?), the following resources are essential to test substances.  We never ingest untested substances.  If you read about an MDMA overdoes, it is likely you have read about someone who has ingested crystal meth or other substances sold as MDMA.   Death by MDMA overdose is possible, but challenging to accomplish.  (Read up!)  LSD overdose is virtually impossible.  (Read up!)  Being poisoned by being given a misidentified substance is very possible.  

Personal testing is affordable and helpful.  

Lab Testing.  For MDMA pills, will test a pill for $40 and any powder for $100.  The pill results are placed in a database, but we would not rely on the database to determine what in any pill we encounter.  Anyone can buy a pill making press die for under $100 and make their own pills, so the "Pink Tesla" pill being sold at a club may have been made that morning by a kid down the street.  

Home Testing.  Spot/color tests, like the ones sold by the non-profit Dance Safe have many limitations, but are affordable, and we found them to provide valuable information, especially when used with a phone app to more accurately identify the results.  $100 will get you a full kit.  Dance Safe was our go-to organization, in part due to their other non-profit activities, but other kits are available worldwide.  Note the testing kits will have an expiration date of around a year or so.  We practiced testing by mixing various substances and testing.  The test kits come with enough materials to test a lot of times, so we had plenty of time to fool around.  

General Information on Testing.  We found this source of information on testing to be interesting and helpful.

Legal Considerations and Political Activism

Using any controlled substance in any country poses significant legal risks.  We advise strict compliance with all laws of the countries and localities in which you live.  In addition, educating yourself on local customs and practices is a must, and ensure your information is up to date.  

We encourage you to review these policy papers and articles addressing the "war on drugs".

Open Society Foundations

Criminal Justice Policy Foundation

Drug Policy Alliance

Washington Post - The Irrationality of Drug Laws

If you want to influence future legislation regarding recreational drugs, please contact your elected representatives.  For US voters, find out who represents you here

Disclaimer captures experiences with LSD and other substances that people have reported to us.  We included favorite videos and music as well.  We haven't personally verified all the reports published.  Under no circumstances should anyone attempt to replicate the experiences described herein based on these reports.  Any report that refers to illegal behavior is either entirely fictional, or told to us by third parties which we believe to be fictional.