Marco Cochrane’s monumental sculpture, “Truth is Beauty,” debuted at Burning Man in 2013.

Marco Cochrane’s monumental sculpture, “Truth is Beauty,” debuted at Burning Man in 2013.

Burning Man 2019

Below are thoughts on how to get tickets for Burning Man, how to pack if you have a significant budget and an RV and how to drive from the Pacific Northwest.

We participate in a larger sound camp, with a 30-35' rented RV.  We pack relatively heavily and we aren't trying to rough it.  In any given year we expect to use everything we pack, although weather conditions may cause some things to go unused. We have been around for a while and have seen Burning Man morph tremendously, and we don’t buy into “this is the right way to do Burning Man”, so take any of this as just one data point.

Getting Your Tickets

We agree with the conventional wisdom... do your best to get ticket in the sale, register exactly when the STEP program opens up, and tell everyone you know that you are looking for a ticket.  Join a camp that has a ticket allocation.  Fingers crossed, things almost always work out, albeit sometimes last minute.  If these all fail you may decide to buy a ticket online. Read more thoughts about how to get tickets, including buying tickets online and day to day price history from 2018.

Packing for Burning Man

We pack almost all of our gear and clothing into bins, keep a list of where everything is, and also attach the list to each bin.

Our Bin Organization list also doubles as our shopping list.

Our list shows the items we have found to be useful. Another excellent resource is the TravelGrom Packing List and Tips, including links to products.


Food at Burning Man!

Here’s how to pack food and eat like a king.

Drugs on the Playa

Here are a few musings about drugs on the Playa.


What’s Going On at Burning Man

Here is a very complete event schedule from Justin Klein. 2018 is currently linked, but will be updaterd as soon as 2019 is available.

RV Tips: Protecting, Cleaning and More

Key for taking an RV to Burning Man is to know:

  • How to avoid Law Enfrocement Issues

  • How to protect the RV

  • How to clean up the RV

Here’s what we do!