Photo by Megan Hedden @wild_flower_woman

Burning Man 2020

We participate in a larger sound camp, with a 30-35' rented RV.  We don’t pack light and we aren't trying to rough it.  In any given year we expect to use everything we pack, although weather conditions may cause some things to go unused. We have been around for a while and have seen Burning Man morph tremendously, and we don’t buy into “this is the right way to do Burning Man”, so our information is just one data point on how to prepare effectively.

Getting Your Tickets

Whether you want to maximize your chance of getting tickets through the official process or you are trying to obtain tickets from a third party, here are strategies that will help. Best case you buy tickets from the org, but we include information on buying tickets through third-parties, including the day-to-day price history from past years.

Packing for Burning Man

Bin organization ensures you have everything you need and you can find it, even when exhausted or during limited visibility. Our bin organization list shows the items we have found to be useful.

Food at Burning Man

Here’s how to pack food and eat like a king. Burning Man is a great time to eat well. We love our meals on the playa - here our tips for what to prepare and how to store it to last for ten days.

RV Tips: Protecting, Cleaning and More

  • How to protect the RV

  • How to clean up the RV

  • The issues with bike racks (applies to cars too!)

Drugs on the Playa

Here are a few musings about drugs on the Playa, including law enforcement risk.

Getting There: Law Enforcement and the Playa

In 2018 the federal and state police flagrantly violated the fourth amendment, stopping people without reason on the drive to the playa, lying about motivations, and then changing course only following national news attention and threatened litigation. 2019 was far better, but vigilance remains critical. Read some thoughts on getting to Burning Man without issue (and avoiding legal problems while there).

Driving to Burning Man

Detailed driving directions from the Pacific Northwest, Information on gate wait times and what time to arrive at the gate for Burning Man 2020.

What’s Events Are Happening

Here is the event schedule from Justin Klein. Expect the 2020 update in August 2020.

What Music Is Happening

The 2019 music guide is still avaIlable. Expect the 2020 update in August 2020.