If you were dancing in gay clubs in Dallas in early 1984, you probably would have been offered to buy a pill of "Adam" for around fifty cents.  It was legal, fun and pure MDMA.  Adam became known as ecstasy or X, usually appearing as powder with a small amount of amphetamine added to intensify the experience.  Larter "molecule" appeared, referring to a pure MDMA pill.  This was the 80's my friends.  The term "molly" wouldn't be popularized until 25 years later in San Francisco to refer to the re-emergence of MDMA marketed in gel caps and originally a high quality mix of pure(ish) MDMA and a small amount of speed added (3%).   (Adam...molecule...molly... get it?).   

The music in Dallas gay clubs, and a Chicago gay club, the Warehouse, became the hotspots for the newly evolving house music, as well as MDMA.  By the late 80's MDMA had hit the clubs in Ibiza and by early 90's the MDMA scene was in full swing in NYC (with Ketamine quickly on its heels).

The soundtrack of MDMA has had dance music at its core from the beginning.  Below we highlight some of our favorite tracks.  (Curious about the history and variations of EMD?  Check out this fantastic guide!)



Trance is our go-to, in no small part because it seems almost everyone can find something to like in trance music while on MDMA.  


We love the dark and heavy sounds of dubstep, especially for late night sessions.  


House music just seems to work on MDMA... Big Room House, electro house, progressive house, dirty dutch works for us.  Frankie Knuckles and the Belleville Three work pretty well too.