Trance was popularized in rave scene in the UK in the mid-80s, matching the mind's tempo on MDMA.  

Vocal Trance

We have found vocal trance to have the broadest appeal in a group, and during peak experiences, it's what we play most.  


Ibiza Trance (Balearic Trance)

We love Balearic trance, especially for late night sessions.  It's sexy music that pairs well with a 2 a.m peak or post peak roll.  Turn down the lights and turn up the music.


Acid Trance

Even if TB-303 means nothing to you, we find Acid Trance works well on MDMA, among other substances.  Acid isn't psychedelic, it's..... uh.... well it's this.  


Chill & Dream Trance

A confession.... We aren't convinced almost any of the songs on these play lists fit all that well in a true dream trance definition.  And some of the songs are nothing like classic chill or dream trance.  But the music works well, and is fairly coherent.  One of these days we will make our own dream trance playlist, but until that time, this is our go to list when we are in the mood.


Goa Trance

Goa India was a draw for hippies world-wide in the 60s and 70s.  Detriot techno and Chicago house dj's introduced electronic music, and the combination left danceable but less predictable music than most EDM genres.  It's not for everyone, but when the mood hits, we find Goa Trance transformative.