Our Favorite Foods on LSD

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For us, LSD is one of the few drugs where food is a wonderful component.  We usually start eating around an hour after the peak.

We find that earlier in the trip we will want to eat sweet and succulent fruit, creamy high-fat treats (yogurt, ice cream, cheese), sour candy and drinks and salty snacks.  Many of these foods remind us of a bright day, and we think of them as the "sun foods".  Later as we are coming down we move to earthy foods and drinks, dark red wine, nuts, and we even smoke the occasional robust cigar.  We call these the Earth Foods.

Some of the foods we eat are pretty obvious, some are pretty quirky.  

I.  Stage I, the Sun Foods.

Fruit:  Watermelon and pineapple are our favorites.  But anything succulent works.  Oranges, grapes, mango, papaya, guava, passion fruit, strawberries and melons also are wonderful.  We buy them very ripe, so they are extra sweet and juicy. Or freeze some grapes or blueberries for a weird and wonderful snack.

Dipping powder for fruit.  Sometimes we mix sugar and pure critic acid together, and then dip fruit in it.  It makes the sweet even sweeter, while adding a sour component.  Dip watermelon in it for the most amazing sour patch candy you will ever taste.  Start with a ration that tastes great sober and then fine tune while tripping.  Consider brushing teeth afterwards to avoid damage from sour stuff!

Nuts that come with lime salt or spicy salt, or both.

Fruit flavored soda, not too sweet, like Izzy's.

Tea, hot or cold, and homemade chai especially.

Sour Patch Kids, any sour candy

Canned three bean salad, sour and sweet in every bite.  

Fruit yogurt, especially Noosa Yogurt, which is full fat fortified with honey. Any full fat yogurt works well.

Honey, especially with honey comb is pretty amazing.

Orange push up pop

Miso soup

Pop rocks for weirdness

Ice cream, especially something with high fat content.

Otter pops.

Doritos, Pringles, or similar strongly flavored fatty and salty snack.

Pickles, especially cornichons, or fancy custom pickled veggies.

II.  Stage 2, the Earth Foods.

Strong cheese, blue cheese, farmhouse cheddar, roquefort, parmesan and other hard strong varieties and feta.  Milder cheese works well too, but we prefer something strong enough that a very small amount goes a long way.  

Salami and other dried meat.  


Tequila, Spicy Tequila (infuse some with some hot peppers)

Full bodied red wine.  especially earthy wines like Cabernet Sauvignon

Port and sweet wines.  

Cigars, excellent quality dark robustos, with flavors of chocolate, nuts, leather, or coffee.

III. Post Trip

Once we are basically down, we enjoy a small meal if it’s not too late. High quality ramen is amazing, as are soups in general. A light pasta dish works well. We generally don’t enjoy meat, other than incidental to the dish (our favorite ramen dish includes some finely ground meat). We prefer food that doesn’t involve much chewing at all. If we have really come fully down, we will eat high quality pizza, and some of our friends swear by any delivery pizza for post-experience.