The Best Places to Trip in America

The Best Places to Trip on LSD in America…. A Work in Progress

Our favorite places we have ever tripped in the US (from west to east):

Portland, Oregon.

The home of our first trip, Portland is one of the best places in the US to be a fan of psychedelics. Magic mushrooms grow everywhere during the winter months, and it hosts some of the most amazing places to trip. Starting a trip at Counsel Crest park gives you panoramic views of the city, including the iconic Mt. Hood. Coming off the peak, head to the Japanese Garden, for a truely serene comedown.

Los Angeles, California

Little Dume is a hard to get to beach in Malibu, that is amazing for tripping. Because it’s hard to get to, and part of it is private, it’s often not crowded. Find directions here. The downside is that unless you are with a resident (they have a private path to the beach), getting to anywhere other than the beach is a hike. Another favorite tripping spot is Huntington Gardens in Pasadena, which has the added advantage of easy Uber rides to other nearby places to get food, see music, etc.

Moab, Utah

You need to be careful with the weather, but Moab Utah is a magical place, with or without psychedelics. Get a room at the Cali-Cochita B&B if possible. Pick any of the amazing parks to visit, and either walk to the park or grab a Lyft/Uber or cab to your destination (making sure you have cell service the area where you plan to be picked up!). Cabs don’t suck in Moab, as opposed to 99.73% of everywhere else in the USA; just try these guys out.

It’s hard to describe the spiritual dimension of Moab, but it will impact you. Without belaboring the point, don’t be cavalier about your safety in this area. Pick your time of year, clothing, food and water carefully, have your cell phone well charged and stay on the beaten path. There are few places in the world like Moab, and it will be a trip you’ll never forget.


Sedona, Arizona

If you can swing it, stay at the Inn Above Oak Creek. where just walking around the Inn is a good place to spend your trip. Fay Canyon is an easy hiking trail, but there are plenty of others. Regardless of your skill level, remember you’ll find yourself moving slowly so choose a very easy hike if you go out and about.

But there is a magic to Sedona that makes tripping there a bucket list item.

Sante Fe, New Mexico

Forget the aging tourists buying crappy art and eating bad food all over this little town. Get a quality Airbnb and head to Meow Wolf.

For all of its shortcomings, Sante Fe has produced the most interesting and exciting art collective project in the past decade (in the US at least). This place is made by people on drugs, for people on drugs.

You will be around other people, and peaking there may be too much for you. So one plan is to get up at dawn and enjoy the sunrise in Sante Fe at the start of your trip. Head to Meow Wolf right when it opens at 10 am and enjoy the many post peak hours exploring this magical place. There are plenty of places to sit down and simply observe. Or you can interact with the many cool things to see and do there.

It’s an easy Lyft/Uber ride from town, and will be an unforgetable experience.

Wilmette, Illinois

Wilmette includes not only beautiful lake front parks, but has an absolute gem - the Baha’i House of Worship. All religions and spiritual orientations are welcomed by the Baha’i. We recommend doing a visit sober to orient yourself to the temple, how to get in and where you would like to spend your time. There is more information on their website here. You will be warmly welcomed. Walk the grounds and explore the area.

Ephraim, Wisconsin

If it’s late August, and you want a healthy dose of Americana during your trip, it’s hard to beat one of the small towns around Door County, Wisconsin. Ephraim is a small town that becomes a significant tourist destination during peak months. If you find a well-placed rental, Nicolet Bay park can be a few minute walk in one direction, and the small town a walk in the other (it’s about a mile between the town center and the prime coastline of the park). Unless you don’t mind interacting with the general public, get some good friends together and splurge on a prime rental to avoid the tourist crowds. The average age of visitors is mid-40s, but it’s easy to blend in at any age. And a final note, if you don’t mind weather being unpredictable, consider a mid to late-October visit for mind-blowing fall leaves.