From John Law:

Sharkbait was one of the truly astonishing San Francisco ensembles. Kimba and bandmates Chris Taylor, Mr. Clean, Greg Slugocki and others created a unique, audience participation element for their one of a kind performances. Kind of a metal/noise/glam/industrial hybrid, Sharkbait would drag audience members up onto their stage set and, after outfitting them in welding chaps, gauntlets and full helmets, would hand them a sledge hammer and put them into chain link cages where the virtually frothing at the mouth fans turned performers would frantically smash the crap out of a seemingly endless pile of televisions…Priceless.

Sharkbait played Lollapalooza 92 and they were by far the loudest, burningest, most participatory and fabulously excessive thing at Burning Man 94. (an event I can find no record of ANYWHERE – Kimba, Chris Taylor, Clean?)

Kimric Smythe: Creator of Explosions, the Java Cow

Kimric Smythe was the original architect of much of Burning Man’s pyrotechnics. He is the only person whose photograph graced a Burning Man Ticket (1995), and he was a frequent face on early Burning Man videos. He embodies much of what we think of when reflecting on the early years at Black Rock Desert.

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