MDMA Videos

For MDMA, usually prefer turning on some DJ lighting effects and a haze generator, but we have also found playing the videos below with an EDM soundtrack works well.  We also included a few videos from EDM festivals that are fun on EDM. Just crank up your favorite EDM track if you don't enjoy the music on the videos...most of the time the music will actually sync pretty perfectly.  


EDM Festival Compilation

This one works great as a background video for an MDMA experience, but we also love it with 2CB or on the tail end of the LSD experience.  We always play our own music (usually Trance) rather than listen to the soundtrack to the actual video playlist.



Music Videos

A collection of music videos that work well with MDMA.  


Sexy Music Videos

Music videos featuring some sexy visuals, but not too naughty.  


Sexy Videos to Music

Just some sexy videos linked together and overdubbed with some decent music.