Rock & Pop


We love Rock music, but the rock we listen to on MDMA varies from our normal tastes.  More pop, more dance, less guitar.  Beats per minute tend to be around 120, just like with EDM. Harder driving industrial appears on the playlists too. 


Pop & Dance

Our favorite pop and dance music is a mix of well known hits and lesser known performers.  This songs tend to be catchy, and upbeat, but we also have some much slower songs layered in there, so it's not a dance track by any means.  EDM remains our go to for a dancing environment.


Industrial, Goth, Darkwave, etc.

Confession.  Some of us love industrial and darker music on MDMA.  Some of us hate it.  Some describe it as an aquired taste (Hint:  those are the people who love it and are implying those that do not love it just have not listened to it enough).  


Classic Rock

Not good for dancing, not the best for late night sexy sessions, but especially for comedown time, this playlist works well for us.  


Alternative Rock

Like classic rock, but less familiar.  Solid music, especially for coming up or heading down.  



Like classic or alternative, but less familiar.  We listen to this late at night, and works better for us than classic or alternative for larger groups and late night play sessions.  But we think some of the selections under the eclectic session are sexier.