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LSD Phases / Stages

Everyone's experience is a little different, but most people report distinct phases of an LSD trip.  These different types of sensations within a single trip give LSD an epic feeling, and is part of what we love about tripping. 

The following phases are gathered from our group's collective experiences, are entirely subjective, but may be a helpful guide to a newer user.  At a minimum they help explain the terminology we use in our trip reports.  Phases are typical for a 125 to 150 ug dose, but see the end of the article for dose descriptions.

Most trips last 8 to 12 hours, but the range varies significantly and can be extended by re-dosing, typically just after the peak. Re-dosing typically will not re-crate the peak, but extend the post-peak experience by two to four hours.

I.  Early Stages

1. Pre-Ingestion, Mental Preparation.  We often find ourselves to be anxious or nervous before a trip, if for no other reason, we tend to be busy preparing food and crafting the environment for the best experience.  During this time we are careful to not be irritated at or moody with our fellow-travelers and remind ourselves about what a fun experience lies ahead.

2.  Ingestion.  We prefer to all drop at the same time, and we enjoy making this a happy communal process.  The prep is over and now it's time to enjoy. It's natural for people to have anxiety waiting for the LSD to manifest itself, so we try to take this time to relax and reassure newer users.  We also counsel newer users to be patient; that their experience may begin earlier or later than others, and not to be concerned.  We remind new users they may feel mild nausea early on, and this typically passes. And we reassure them that if they feel like laughing or crying, they should not feel embarrassed to do so, as it's entirely natural. And we request that they hold space for others to experience welcomed emotional swings.

3.  Onset.  We tend to first notice the overt effects of the drug twenty to forty minutes after ingestion.  Sometimes there is a sense of something significant happening.  Some have commented on a feeling of profoundness.  Visually, our first clue of onset is finding ourselves staring at small  details around us.... a blowing leaf, a rock on the ground, a point in the distances.  We then notice our vision becoming clearer, as though we turned on a TV with a higher resolution than we are used to viewing.  We notice changes in our depth perception, with distances between the foreground and background being exaggerated.  Sometimes things in the background seemed to be in soft focus compare to the very crisp images in our immediate focus.  We sometimes have feelings of mild nausea, which typically pass in 10 to 20 minutes.