400 ug Acid Trip

About 10 weeks or so ago I purchased four tabs of 100 ug. These things were pure white tabs. and I’m told "Careful with these, they're powerful man." And oh boy was he right.

Fast forward a week or so I'm sitting in my dorm at about 10 in the morning, nothing going on. Nothing to really do as it’s a Saturday morning and everyone else on my floor is hungover or still passed out. At this point I've tripped about 5-6 times off Mushrooms and Acid.

So I figured I'll take a tab for the day and just see where it takes me. So i take a tab. I waited about a little more than 30 minutes, probably more or less 45 minutes and nothing happened. Normally at this point I'm feeling something, "Did I get ripped off?" "Is this shit under dosed?" all these things were racing through my mind. Well if it is under dosed, I'm gonna need more than just one tab of whatever the amount. So I took the remaining three tabs.

Well as luck would have it, it turns out those tabs WEREN'T under dosed. Ten minutes after swallowing my remaining three tabs, the first one started to kick in. I start to feel the come up of the first tab and I am feeling happy that I'm starting to trip. But then it clicks, I JUST took those other 3 tabs, there is NO way that they're kicking in that fast. Oh boy was I in for a rocket ride of fun now, huh?

At about 1.5 hours after ingesting the first tab all 400ug was swinging and pulsing in full effect. Before that my highest dose was about 150ug of acid. The gap and jump between the ~250ug is HUGE. I've been able to have minor hallucinations before but nothing outside of the breathing pattern and CEV's, nothing more than a level 2 trip. But this? This was much more. This was level 4 sharing a boarder with level 5, EASILY. For me, when I'm tripping I need to move. I just need to be walking. So I decided, I'm competent enough to walk around under the influence and grabbed my headphones and phone. I proceeded to put on some classic rock, Tom Petty's "Last dance with Mary Jane" and just walk around campus.

At this point the distortions were hitting hard with the creative thinking. "Time is not of this dimension, was it? No that can't be possible, time is relative. So if time isn't of this dimension then it'd be slow for everyone else then. Well there's only one conclusion I can come from that, I am not from this dimension, surely that's it. Because if I'm not from this dimension, then that would surely explain the time distortion. But if I'm not in this dimension, where am I? Better yet, if I'm not of this dimension, what am I?" You see the thing about acid is that it's often said to open the doors of perception. Yeah, Ok. See, I don't deny it opens that door. But problem was, this door was not opened; no I took too much of a gap. The doors of perception were blown off its hinges, and perception was flooding my brain... After walking around for ~10-15 minutes, I finally approached a tree. Let me just say, I get it. This tree started not only morphing in front of my eyes, it was changing colors. I sat down and just stared at this tree for 10 minutes at least, just watching it change colors. Red to brown to green to yellow to orange back to red. And the cycle repeats. "Wow... that is, that is... wow"

At this point ~2.5 hours have passed since ingestion of the first tab. And it was only getting more and more intense, music wasn't a separate entity, no, music was me. It filled me, radiated within me, pulsating at every movement I made. Voluntary or involuntary, music mirrored my movement and resonated with its own. It was beautiful, true bliss like none other. Perhaps this is getting a bit too intense, no? I mean I figure I got at least 7.5 more hours of this, and my gap was pretty big so probably more than that. Let's call a friend, someone who I can talk to and not have them judge me. I finally decided on one of my good friends who's not into psychedelics, but understands the appeal and mental state that they can put you in. So I call him up and he helps ground me, he explains he's super baked and I tell him I kind of accidentally took 4 tabs of acid. I'm constantly being distracted by everything around me, and decide it's best to just duck into a empty classroom and chill for a bit. After forgetting multiple times that my friend is a separate entity and on the phone we decide to hang up and I to go about my trip.

About 3.5 hours in at this point and I decided to head to my room and try to express myself through the art of coloring and drawing. After getting to my dorm and grabbing some paper and heading to the lounge I encountered 2 problems. First is I don't have any colored pencils, the second being I suck major shit at drawing anything more than a 3d square. But I had all these creative ideas and this one image in my head I wanted to draw. A rainbow road swirling around starting at the bottom of the page and ending at the top, with LSD inspired visuals surrounding the road with the words "Come take a Trip" written above the road. After obtaining some color pencils I started working on my drawing for an hour making progress on my image.

However, friends from my floor started entering the lounge and talking to me distracting me. Being kind of known as the psychedelic guy on the floor among my friends and the fact that my pupils were like saucers at this point, they put two and two together and quickly realized I was tripping. We spent the next hour or so talking about LSD and what it's like being under Lucy's influence. I had to explain that all the propaganda that they hear about the drug is incorrect and gave them some of the truth. But being on the boarder of a level 4/5 trip, some CEV's were taking over and displaying things that weren't there such as eyes or faces, and at one point I swear I was able to see infrared and Ultraviolet. It felt like just talking about my visuals only made them stronger and I quickly would drop conversation to stare at the carpet below and watch it move. They were astounded by my answers to questions like "What is time" or "why are we here" It was like my brain was working in overtime reaching to every depth of creativity and logic to work a semi sensible answer out. At least from my point of view. I did receive a few comments like "He's like Einstein", which gave me a huge confidence boost. Especially since about 2 hours before that I felt like a genius for figuring out how to fill my water bottle up with water at a fountain (I was very much having difficulty with navigating under 400ug). All was going swimmingly until my RA walked in and saw us, talking and chilling. Being good friends with her normally, she decided to join us in talking. Things started to get intense due to the pressure of me being under the influence of LSD and her being my RA. I can't explain how or why, but the eyes that were subtly hiding in everything I looked at began being more prominent. I needed to get out of here.

I finally got up and quickly said "I'm gonna go chill in my dorm for a few" and left without trying to be very obvious. Luckily my RA is pretty cool with drugs as a whole as I've talked to her about smoking and drinking and even the occasional psychedelic use. And since I'm still here, its pretty safe to say she never reported me or caught on. Anyways I went back to my room and talked to my roommate for an hour or so, we put on some music and just casually chilled for a bit. I was about 7 hours into my trip when I got a text from another friend asking if I wanted to go snowboarding. Obviously, I love that shit. More so than a tripper likes fruits (Pineapples while tripping, are a must by the way). So he arrives a half hour later, and he starts driving down the nighttime road.

Once we got on the highway, the street lights were mind-blowing. It was like being in a Star Wars movie when they go into hyper drive. He was talking to me but honestly I wasn't listening. Stairway to heaven was playing in the car and the fact that I thought I was in Star Wars was just so distracting. At this point I was already on the come down and had gained all body control back so snowboarding wasn't putting myself or others at risk.

When we got to the mountain we put on our gear and music and started snowboarding down the mountain. The combination of being in Andromeda, music, and snowboarding was beautiful. It was like surfing to the sound of the beat and every musical note that played through the song. Highly recommend snowboarding on a comedown to anyone that can as it was beautiful, there isn't a feeling like it; the mixture of adrenaline and LSD pulsing through my veins - Intense. We spent about 4 hours snowboarding before packing up and heading back home.

At this point my trip was mostly over; the creative mindset had passed, the body high was gone, and a desire to eat some substantial food had finally returned as I was starving. However, the visuals remained well into the next day and kept me up 3 in the morning, which was when I finally passed out.

All in all it wasn't anything spiritual, and I didn't really dive to heavily into finding and fixing problems as it was more of a recreational use of the drug. But to be honest all I could think of was how I was going to get through the day in one piece, and if I was going to be under the influence of 400ug on an accidental dose, I might as well use it to as recreation rather than spiritual. I don't have any intentions on going to a dose that high again for a while now, even 10 weeks later, but I'm glad that I was able to experience Lucy in full force. I can't say I recommend going to a dose that high for everyone, but if you are looking to see a psychedelic in full action, 400ug is MORE than enough to get you there.