Photo by Megan Hedden  @wild_flower_woman

Photo by Megan Hedden @wild_flower_woman

Our Favorite Online Resources

General Resources

Burn.Life. Great non-commercial Burning Man website. It includes a wonderful History of Burning Man section.

Online Forums

ePlaya. The official online forum of Burning Man.

Reddit forum.

Burning Man classified ads. Moderated classified ads.

Burning Man Virgins and Veterans (FB Group). One of the best FB groups for meaningful BM information

Finding People and Camps

Burner Map. Find your Facebook friends on the Playa.

• Check out the Unofficial BRC Map from 2018 We’ii have the new one for 2019 up when it comes out

• There are other unofficial apps for placements and events like iburnnApp. The org tells us they are working on one, but who knows when it will be done.

Misc. Entertaining Reads

• Playa misconceptions

• What to expect your first few hours on playa

• Advice you won't find in the "official" guides

• Disasters at Burning Man

• What are your can't-live-without playa lifesavers?

• Or do you just need a bunch of Burning Man stories on a cold night while sipping warm pickle juice?