State of the Art Archive from May 13, 2019

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Anton Viditz-Ward’s The Wheels of Zoroaster Resurrection

The State of the Art, Burning Man 2019

MAY 12, 2019

A Look at the Art and Artists of Burning Man 2019, Metamorphoses

As of May 6, 2019.

Please submit your Burning Man art project (or updates or corrections your project) to us via email or Reddit. We are unaffiliated with the org, and rely on artist submissions for most of our information.

Please considering donating time, materials and money to the artists. Even small contributions help. We can help put you directly in touch with artists if you are unable to locate contact information.

Airfield for Walking in the Clouds - Weld Queen - Moscow Russia

Airfield for walking in the clouds” is a model of a fantasy airfield measuring 72x 40 ft. with ten dream-liners “Armchairs for walking in the clouds” created by Weld Queen.

The project is a large-scale interactive installation where people will be sitting and swinging in the “Armchairs for walking in the clouds”, will be able to “break away” from the ground and be closer to their dreams. Airfield is a place where people can to go on their own journey into the depths of their inner space.

“Airfield for walking in the clouds” is created by Weld Queen and a team of dreamers in Moscow. All parts of the installation will be created in Russia and sent to Playa in a disassembled form by a sea container. The team of Airfield’s creators together with Weld Queen will assemble the installation for the beginning of Burning Man 2019.

Fundraising efforts can be found here.

Archaeopteryx — Nicholas DeBruyne — London, United Kingdom

Nicholas DeBruyne’s Archaeopterx

Archaeopteryx is an interactive kinetic light sculpture. Centered around the theme of evolution, it draws parallels between primordial nature and the human condition.

Resembling bird wings in motion, ocean waves, wind in sails, or a bioluminescent ocean creature, the sculpture is a modular construction (approximately 10 x 5 x 7 meters) made primarily from timber.  It will also have kinetic parts operated by participants, functional communal seating, responsive LED lighting, and interactive projection mapping.

The work is brought to life through a unique marriage of both physical and digital means of collaboration:  Participants can physically activate the wheel that drives the kinetic motion of the wings.   Projected video of vibrant real-time graphics illuminate the moving wings, where users can interact with other participants in a digital microcosm.

The fabric wings become a canvas for participants to explore via live generative graphics inspired by the work of pioneering computer scientist Allan Turing.  As they are seated, pressure and proximity sensors detect and relay their presence into the projection canvas where one's virtual "cell" is able to grow, divide, and merge with other participants in real time.

The work is open to multiple interpretations.  We like the idea that it might help one to see and situate themselves in an evolving and connected world.  By drawing parallels between the primal nature of evolution and the current human condition, we believe it has a powerful message that empowers others to evolve towards a better future; one that is more inclusive, equitable, and harmonious.  From the individual to the collective scale, the theme encapsulates the characteristics of something much larger than itself.

Awful’s Gas & Snack — Matthew Gerring and Crank Factory — San Francisco, CA

Matthew Gerring’s Awful’s Gas & Snack

Visit Awful's Gas & Snack, Your Gateway to the Big Wild! See one of the few remaining gasoline stations, painstakingly preserved since the mid-21st century. Travel back to a time when hardy men roamed the "open road" seeking fortune & freedom. NO GAS AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE.


Bee Divine Hive Temple — Elizabeth Huebner and The Hive — Fairfield, IA

From the Artist:

The Bee Divine Hive Temple is an interactive participatory Temple dedicated to the Divine Feminine. Our aim is to actively engage the imagination of our participants through sacred play. We do this by inviting our female identifying participants to be guided into an ecstatic embodiment of their self-created sacred expression, and creating customized rituals of worship around that expression. We then invite all participants to engage with these representatives of the Divine Feminine, exploring and discovering their own relationship with the Sacred Feminine as witness and worshiper. 

The Hive Temple is build in a hexagon. Walls are a basket like Skep weave, woven from fabric and clothes of meaning donated by women, and LED rope lights so the walls glow. Inside is a small hexagon stage with a raised dais, transparent curtains shroud it in mystery. By day, sits a statue of a woman with offerings of incense and honey mead.  At night, a gilded throne for participants to sit upon as they embody their Divine Self. The interior is all flowing fabric, ornate altars, and original paintings dedicated to the Divine Feminine. The structure radiates honey light, glowing and buzzing like a beehive. Evoking the soft honey and power of the sacred feminine as embodied by the collective and those who choose to participate.

The gentle thrum of bees draws you in. Inside offers soothing shade, an abundance of artwork and altar pieces, detailed so that you may find your own unique experience. A statue at the center invites you to take a sacrament of honey mead, sprinkling her with playa dust as blessing. Female identifying participants will be guided into creating themselves as a Divine archetype and assisted in designing a ritual of worship around this embodiment. In the evening they will come to be anointed, massaged, and dressed in ritual garb. Then guided into an embodied state through hypnotic tools, theater, shamanism, and their own vital imagination. All citizens are invited to engage with these embodied women through their customized rituals. In addition each sunset and sunrise the Hive will open and close with an Oracle at its core. Participants may gaze into the oracles eyes and ask of her any question, offer any confession, and receive her wisdom.

Our Purpose is to offer female identifying participants a visceral experience of themselves as Divine beings, and to share the potency and power of the Divine Feminine personified with the entire community. We believe there is magic and medicine both for those who undergo this embodiment process, and for those who witness, worship, and receive the transmissions from these sacred representations. Full aliveness is contagious and we believe that what the world needs at this time is people who are fully alive, who courageously claim themselves for all to see, and to witness and be witnessed in this exulted state. This is the gift of celebrating sacred feminine, to remind us that it is our bodies, our earth, and life itself that is sacred. Life is play, magic is made through our own hands, will, and imagination. So let us imagine reality and make it so.

You can support the project here.

Bee or Not to Bee — Mr & Mrs Ferguson — Alameda, CA

Ursa Mater by Mr. & Mrs Ferguson, 2017

Mr & Mrs Ferguson have brought memorable art to Burning Man, including Penny the Goose in 2015 and Ursa Major (Penny Bear) in 2016, which was part of the Burning Man: No Spectators exhibition at the Smithsonian in Washington, DC. Their follow-up bear, Ursa Mater (Mama Penny Bear) for Burning Man 2017 was later displayed in downtown San Jose thanks to the joint effort of the San Jose Office of Cultural Affairs and Burning Man Project. Currently, Ursa Mater is presiding in a public park in Tahoe City, CA. Mr & Mrs Ferguson created a bald headed eagle for Burning Man 2018 using their trademark pennies and also nickels and dimes. The eagle, called Let U.S. Prey was also shown at SF Decompression. (More here)

Let U.S. Prey by Mr. & Mrs Ferguson, 2018

2019 Project
The honey bee is big. Comparing yourself to this sculpture yes, but so is the contribution a bee has to the world's food supply. Don't be intimidated. Get close. Draw your hands over its body. It has long hair, curved limbs, penetrating eyes. You're not at all vulnerable, but the bee species is.

We love creating a sense of whimsy with our installations, mostly through the materials we select. This year, we are choosing some new materials that will tantalize a participant.

Our first new material, nylon industrial broom bristle. Appearing as the long delicate hair of a bee, they will be delightful to run hands through, yet durable to bounce spring back into form. This 8 foot tall Bee will be hand carved from styrofoam covered in yellow and black concrete.

Multi-layered, deep gloss painted black eyes will be a drawing feature, while the legs and feelers will be made with steel covered with foam and hair. The wings will be fine mesh aluminum.  The flower base is made of thousands of glass marbles, delightful to touch, a memory from childhood and durable. This glass marbles will also be the source that at night, where the bee is lit.

Our art installations are a visual trick that become a tactile experience. Touch is a sense often overlooked in our world of visual and audible stimulation. We have learned from past experiences with penny bears and penny birds that visitors stay longer with the art as they can touch and explore it. This year's use of broom bristles and marbles should deliver a unique tactile experience that we hope surprises participants once again. Some may realize that the bee hair is broom bristle and find that amusing but most participants will enjoy seeing and feeling cat's eye marbles as the flower. 

Bounce Back — Sarah Gonsalves and Sassy Galaxy — Los Angeles, CA

Bounce back a large scale, hand fabricated, pedal powered kinetic art installation that signifies resilience, juxtaposes order/chaos and industry/play and reminds us of the transformational magic of imagination while encouraging cooperation to achieve a spectacular visual and audio spectacle. The oddly paired elements of industry, science & leisure objects each carry weight, literally and metaphorically. Human interaction and patience is required to activate & transform the installation for each group that encounters it. It "sings" in beautiful notes when activated! For art on Playa, the challenge to create a visually stimulating yet contained art piece (no M(atter).O (ut) .O(f). P(lace)) necessitates function informing form and begs the question - which is more valuable, the solid infrastructure & human effort behind the spectacle, or the spectacle itself?

Carousel Zarya — Alexander Dovydenkov and Carousel Zarya — Moscow, Russia

Cathenge — David Normal — Stinson Beach, CA

David Normal’s Cathenge

Cathenge is a Cat Temple. Think tall, elegant, mystical cat statues, nine of them, standing in a circle like the standing stones of Stonehenge….

Standing 13' tall, the 3D printed sculptures symbolize the nine lives of cats. Each one is an interactive musical instrument which when touched and petted emanates harmonic purring frequencies.

From the eyes of these imposing Catoliths beam lasers. The combined effect of the lasers, 18 lasers from 9 sets of eyes, creates a geometric array, a mandala of interweaving beams of light creating a tapestry of spiritual truths expressed as geometric patterns. [More]

Chakra Cannon — Joshua Pipic — Oakland, CA

Chakra Cannon by Joshua Pipic and Cannon Crew

Chakra Cannon is interactive installation revolving around a large-scale "Light Cannon" powered by the human voice. The light source is a massive custom LED spot light with a liquid-cooled core. The cannon will generate a super bright beam of light that will blast upward into the sky when participants collaborate, making sounds into microphones to create a shared vibration. The installation encourages releasing one's individual chakra energy and using the sculpture as a conduit to channel the group's vibrations that will be visualized as a beam of light. This sculpture aims to communicate the true potential and beauty of our collective voice.

The lead artist is Joshua Pipic a Creative Director at Obscura in San Francisco, specializing in bringing large-scale installation art to special events around the world.  

Chapel Perilous — Robert Leifheit and Enchanted Booty Forest — Los Angeles, CA

Only two walls of the ruins of Chapel Perilous still stand, sunken heavily into the ground over time. From the Black Rock City, the chapel appears dark and mysterious, but from inside, four stained glass windows and a large rosette illuminate the piece. Custom light patterns and ambient sounds engage visitors to learn more about the eight circuits of consciousness and the trappings of Chapel Perilous — a state one enters when facing truth that disagrees with their notion of reality. Once you enter, will you ever leave Chapel Perilous?

Enchanted Booty Forest (collective art space in Los Angeles Patreon link.

Circus Fabulae — Benjamin Jones and Populus Ludere — Brooklyn, NY

Circus Fabulae is a two story swing set with beautiful, custom designed mosaic roof and circular play space for performances of all kinds. At it's a heart a community space produced by a community of artists for the community to interact on. Circus Fabulae is a  whimsical colosseum structure of telephone poles two levels tall and 30' in diameter. Ladders are installed along the outside structure so that people can get up and down. 

The first level has six porch swings facing inward onto a circular performance space. The second level has six porch swings all facing outwards that can pivot inward to view the performances below. The ceilings will be etched/laser-cut panes of plexi-glass to create a stained glass effect. The floor and ceiling above the center performance space is cut away to give a view through to  the sky above. Each swing and roof panel will be designed and executed by a different artist or group. On the inside of the entire structure for participation encouragements will be written like "Tell a story"  or "Play telephone", in the hopes that the community will take the lead and initiate an interactive exchange.

Visit Circus Fabulae’s GoFundMe page to learn more about the project and to contribute.

Cloud Swing / Cloud Swing Storm — Lindsay Glatz and Miracle Wonderland Carnival Co. — New Orleans, LA

Corpus Michael Christian — Berkeley, CA

Michael first attended Burning Man in 1996. Since then he has created icon large scale sculpture on the playa.

Cosmo — Roger Heitzman — Scotts Valley, CA

Roger is an artist that specializes in wind sculptures.

Critonium Clock — Alena Starostina — San Francisco, CA

Visit Alena’s GoFundMe page here.

Desert WAVE — Anthony Rowe and Squidsoup — Cheltenham, United Kingdom

From the Artists’s Blog

We are super-excited that a new variant of our WAVE project has been selected for one of this year’s Black Rock City Arts Honoraria. We’re going to be putting a DESERT WAVE in BURNING MAN!! Details of the announcement here

Wave (the original piece) was initially commissioned by Salisbury Cathedral, and has since been shown at Southampton (15-24 Feb), Birmingham (1-10 March) and Dundrum (Dublin, 22-30 March 2019) Light Festivals.

Many more pictures here and here

Anthony Rowe’s Wave

The Dwelling - The Movers - San Francisco, CA

From the artists GoFundMe page:

Did you know that you have a third eye? Yeah, we all do, it turns out, but I didn’t know until the Traveler asked. Sarah was the one who answered yes- we just don’t use it to see. But she was stumped when the Traveler asked why we don’t open them, why we don’t sing.  It was a weird conversation, one of many. We want others to meet him, so we're coming to Burning Man.  It’s hard to explain, but we need some help, so we’re gonna try!  There’s a Dwelling- that’s the word we settled on, that he liked. It’s for traveling and also for being in places. He says it’s for being of places. It looks impervious, crystalline, solid, but the colors fool you when you look at it sideways.  It’s not really all that big, considering.  And I think there are two people who came with it, but we’re not all in agreement on that point. Kate says she saw another inside, when the Dwelling lifted itself into the air and spun. But since then it’s been sealed shut.  It hasn’t moved. The Traveler seems fed up with it, he just wants to go to the city and meet people.

So we’re working on how to move it and set it up in the outer playa.  Yariv thinks he can get inside.  We need tools and a big truck, lights and safety equipment. All the stuff you’d expect for an art build! And that’s the last thing the Traveler said about the Dwelling-- that if we go inside we’ll be making it.  The layers are what’s in them. I have no idea what that means, but we’re excited to find out. Jasmine’s been gathering artist and engineer friends, people who might understand this place and this moment. We think you might get it, and we hope you can join us.

Fundraising page can be found here.

Elephantes: Hommage au Dali — Jack Champion — Oakland, CA

In 2016, Jack Champion brought his first solo artwork to the playa at Burning Man: a group of five resin crows collectively called Murder. Champion later cast this pair of sturdier, oversized bronze birds in the image of the originals.

Observing how the vastness of the desert landscape at Burning Man has a tendency to fool the eye, Champion began making the crows to play with perspective. The birds appear small from afar but then overwhelm viewers with their unexpected scale up close. Crows play a meaningful role in Champion’s life: his grandmother kept a pet crow when he was five, and later at Burning Man, an uncanny encounter with the creatures in the desert spurred the creation of this series. He still feeds the crows outside his house in Oakland.

Fan Coral — Bryson Allen — San Diego, CA

Fragments, 2019 Marc Ippon de Ronda and ATO Designs Studio — Paris, France

Marc Ippon de Ronda’s Fragments proposal.

Marc Ippon de Ronda is an internationally recognized artist. He questions space, movement and time through light sculptures and abstract pieces. Alongside his artistic production he has worked on immersive stage designs as well as digital art experiences as creative director of ATO Studio. Fascinated by the human eye and vision, his work is focused on the perception of light as a limit to reality.

Fragments is looking for volunteers!

Fragments Indiegogo page for donations.

Follow fragments on Instagram.

Fucking Useless — Amy Lamboley and Don’t Trust Wizards — San Francisco, CA

The Genie Bottle - Valerie Elizabeth Mallory

The project is an elaborate giant wooden bottle with a captive Genie perched inside on a tree.  Genie is embedded in our consciousness as a creative, intelligent, mythological, guardian spirit. His magical role is to make dreams come true, thereby allowing something to happen that can't be stopped.

The piece is a 20 ft genie bottle painted a bright blue patina upon the open desert. On the surface of the bottle  are human casts  as architectural reliefs. The cap of the bottle is made of three women casts holding a  round lamp. Entering the bottle there's a petrified tree shape  with a single genie perched upon the branches with a Book of Wishes at his feet.  Daylight will drift through  top windows painted with gold trim. At night the bottle will have colored lights reflecting off of the genie perched in a tree. A smoke machine creates steam at night. Genie is a human animal, sentient, immortal, ephemeral and spirit-like. Genie is a full cast from a real man. Casts are made from real people; there is a poignant realism about this. Burners bond to the casts on a human scale.  Circling the bottle is 6 lanterns.  At night colored lights light up Genie and emanate from the windows creating shadow work on the ground. BOTTLED UP GENIE is an iconic phenomenon about flagrant wish making

At the base of the genie's feet is a giant Book of Wishes. Participants may use this to write out their dreams.  This is a place to come to acknowledge wishes which are active affirmations of how we imagine our best selves into being.  Genie allows us to have no restrictions on our requests. Your dreams are not just your own, your dreams are connected with everyone else's. Some people will connect with the piece by getting very close to the figures for photos because the effigies are hauntingly, poignantly real. 

Past playa work:

2018 The Garden of Relationships

2017  The Bridge and the Cage

2016  La Musa de Davinci

2015  Soulrefuge

2014  Womantree:

Giant Pinball Machine — Benjamin Newman — Roseville, CA

Benjamin Newman lives and works with his wife and two sons near Sacramento, California. His art reflects a passion for vintage transportation parts and the natural world. Recently, he completed a book titled Recycled Insects.

Global Fire and Flow Nexus — Nick Heyming and The Emerald Village — Vista, CA

Nick Heyming first attended Burning Man in 2006, and has been involved in other playa projects, including in 2007 helping to build a massive solar array in the shape of the Zia sun to power the man, setting up time-lapse cameras, and preparing for interviews of all the technologists arrayed under the man. In 2017, Nick brought a mobile flow tool library to the playa (as well as his regional burn Youtopia).

The Flow Nexus will be a place for burners to gather and get out of their heads and into their bodies.  This multi-tiered exploration zone allows for participants to learn and flow using hundreds of publicly available fire and movement arts tools and balancing equipment.  By day, the shade and the flooring provide respite from the sun for impromptu workshops, by night the play zones will be lit with the glow and fire of dancers of all skill levels and backgrounds.  The goal is for ultimate accessibility and fun - anyone can play and try whatever way of moving strikes their fancy.

I.L.Y. — Dan Mountain — Portola Valley, CA

I.L.Y.. It will be 27ish feet tall. It will have a steel framework. The fingers and hand will move. There will be flames and pyrotechnics. There are more secrets and surprises.

Dan Mountain’s I.L.Y.

Inter-dimensional Enchantment - Sarah Sekula - San Rafael, CA

The environment will be a space for people to relax, and allow themselves to be transported to a magical dimension. The magical tree will nest inside of a wooden room with the dimensions of 7 ft wide x 10 ft long x 8 ft high. People will enter through a small door, hinged on the outside of the room. Inside of the space, there will be a comfy bed-like surface for people to rest on, while gazing up at twinkling LED's in the ceiling. People will be invited to write a few words about how they feel in the space, and string the notes on the tree's branches. 

From the artist:
When I was younger, I knew fairies and elves coexisted with our tangible, physical world. I had a friend convince me that just past the hedges in her front yard and around the corner, there was a place where trolls lived. It wasn’t only me that knew these things to be true, but the way in which I saw this world was different than anyone else’s. In a further search for fantastical mystery, I asked my brother to dig a hole for me on the top terrace or our backyard: it was to be a portal into an Alice in Wonderland-like world of crazy magic. I believed it would be the entrance to this world. I imagined walking down wooden steps leading to this new dimension. I would fill my head with magical energies. For me, the excitement of these moments linger: I have never outgrown that feeling of a glorious fifth dimension that exists-but like a tip-of-the-tongue-stumble- is frustratingly difficult to articulate with a name or word. And that brings me to the inspiration of this fantastical installation. It began with the memory of a long-ago hike with my dad. He brought me to a withered tree where tiny trinkets were placed inside a hole where a branch used to be. I felt like the collective energy from the people that contributed to it was enough for anyone to believe in Magic. My world was filed by fairytales that spoke to this enchantment. However, parts of it still felt fuzzy to me. As much as I searched, I was never able to find the clear entrance. This project represents a marriage between childhood discoveries and the nourished-embellishment of time. By creating this alluring fantasy, I am opening the door to the world that lives within my mind, and manifesting it into reality.

Internal Exposure — Jessica Levine — South Lake Tahoe, CA

Jessica Levine is a metal sculptor from South Lake Tahoe, CA, who is interested in the idea of reality in physical space versus the one that exists within the mind. Never quite feeling “real” even as a child, she creates art to bridge the gap between the space inside her mind and the space in the physical world her body (and so many other bodies) reside in. Jessica studied fine art and sociology at the University of California Santa Cruz, where she found her unexpected interest and area of focus in metal fabrication. In her sociological studies, she discovered that many ideas humans perceive to be truths are actually learned ways of thinking, further inspiring her exploration of ideas of reality through art.  Jessica has exhibited her works at festivals internationally and completed private comissions.

More information on Jessica Levine’s 2017 & 2018 playa projects here

Joy Cat - Rebecca Totman and Love/Hate Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

From Joy Cat:

Joycat 2019 was borne from a deep desire to transmute the whole-body emotion of joy to the infinite masses. Through the powerful alchemy of Prana Vinyasa Yoga, Meditation, Shamanic Practices and Art, artist Rebecca Totman has been working on transforming her own fear from personal trauma and societal constrictions into freedom and joy. And now, it is time to share! Joycat 2019 is intended to be a vehicle for the metamorphoses of fear into joy for every individual who participates in her creation and interacts with her; whether in-person or via the Burning Man Webcam/Website or social media.Also: Follow us on Facebook @joycat2019 and Instagram @rtots.

Koro-loko - Emily Nicolosi and Ian Robinson - Salt Lake City, UT

Koro-loko, or “heart place” in the universal language Esperanto, is a sanctuary to reflect on the action of love. In our koro-loko, you will discover an 8-foot tall billowing heart filled with thousands of tiny dichroic plexi-squares refracting a rainbow of light in all directions. Benches under light posts encircling the heart will provide a place to hunker, hang out, and daydream. 

Like the exuberance of colors reflected by this heart, always-present and ever-shifting, this heart conjures the thousands of expressions and materializations of love we uncover in the human experience.

The heart structure will be built out of a steel frame, which will be minimally visible to the viewer, with clear cast acrylic rod ribbing in order to support and provide the shape the wire net fastened around it. A dichroic Plexiglas square will be attached to each 2’’ square in the wire netting, with over 4,000 total squares. 

Lead artist Emily Nicolosi and build lead Ian Robinson are building this project over the summer in Salt Lake City, Utah. They are supported by their camp, The Pink Spot- an old school crew that loves interact as much as possible and get everyone on The Big Bunny, our art car. 

Fundraising efforts can be found here.

Le Metamorphose Des Animaux Extraordinaires — Esmeralda Nadeau-Jasso — Winlaw, Canada

Concept drawing

Le Metamorphose Des Animaux Extraordinaires will be a lifesized pop-up book, which will not only be whimsical but is also designed to teach about a few of lesser known creatures of nature.

A video of her vision can be found here.

Level Six - Dan Zahn, Los Osos, California

Six unique wooden eggs ranging in sizes from one foot tall to six feet tall will be hidden throughout the Playa & within Black Rock City. Discover one, & it will provide clues to find another. This is the first of six levels. 

The largest egg will be located somewhere in the middle of the playa and have intricate geometric designs cut out of it that double as clues. It will sit on a large metal pole and serve as a beacon for those who choose to participate in this experiment. Make sure to be around on the night that this main egg is lit on fire, only to reveal a secret sculpture & special clue for later levels. 

The smaller eggs will open/unlock and hold a cryptogram that is part of a larger puzzle. Pass this first level, & create your own Playa Player Character (PPC) which you will morph into when engaging in the remaining levels. Your PPC will receive a special armband and a specific mission to complete by the end of the week. When you are playing the game, wearing your armband will signify to other players that you consent to interactions. But beware; while some players are trying to find you to collaborate, others will be on the hunt and trying to take over your mission. 

Want a night off from the shenanigans? Remove your armband and even if another player recognizes you they must leave you alone.

This is a multi-year interactive project providing participants with an opportunity to unlock hidden layers to Burning Man that they never knew existed until now! Been looking for a way to change up your routine at Burning Man? Looking for something deeper? A real challenge? Meet new allies & adversaries while you try to unlock the next level, each of which are completely different and require more and more…participation.

Want to get even more into it? Sometime early this summer we will launch a website where you can enter as much information about your PPC as you want. People who join the network before the burn will receive special missions and story-lines so they can really get into it. Like anything else, the more you want to put into this experiment, the more you will be able to get out of it. So help us make this project possible and see how deep the rabbit hole goes!

Level Six is fundraising here.

Liberty Neko - Jose Maluenda - Santiago, Chile

The project is the result of a sculptural "collage", which presents the head of the Statue of Liberty, mounted on the body of the Maneky Neko Cat, an oriental origin symbol of money attraction.

These objects share something in common, both of them refer to economic prosperity and, when mixed together, offer a new meaning that reflects the state of current global economy and political situation.

The recognizable shape, the constant brightness of the mirror gold color, the movement, the interaction with the viewers and the landscape make this a living work, which paradoxically is perceived as a ludic object, as a giant toy with which you can "play".

The Liberty Neko team is: Jose Maluenda (artist and architect), Ignacio del Real (artist invited), Tomas Sturm (Engineer), Juan Valdes (3d moderator). Liberty Neko may be contacted here.

Mariposita — Chris Carnabuci — Cold Spring, NY

Chris has previously created a smaller scale egg as part of the Fabergé Big Egg Hunt New York in 2014. He will bring a larger version of this concept to the playa in 2019.

Mariposita, or Little Butterfly, is a 26 foot tall sculpture depicting a female figure emerging from a newly hatched egg, grasping the edge of the shell and propelling herself forward. The piece represents transformation and rebirth. The sculpture will be built out of stacked plywood, utilizing 3D modeling and CNC fabrication techniques. 

Learn more and contribute to the project here.

Chris Carnabuci’s Mariposita

Chris Carnabuci’s 2014 creation

MÚCARO - by El NiNo Alicea - Puerto Rico & Los Angeles

Got Framed, 2015 & 2016

Got Framed in 2015 & 16 was El NiNo's first art installation for Black Rock City. This marked him as the first Puerto Rican artist to ever bring art to Burning Man. In 2017 he was honored with the Burning Man Honoraria Art Grant to create MÚCARO. An art installation highly praised by the event's participants and the Burning Man organization. “Built to burn, our desert owl is gone, but our love for Puerto Rico lives on and is stronger now more than ever after the island was hit by 2 Category 5 hurricanes in September of 2017,” says NiNo. 

MÚCARO, 2017

In 2019, El NiNo & the Parliament Art Crew were honor to received the Burning Man Global Art Grant to create a new version called "MÚCARO for Puerto Rico" (#MÚCARO4PR). Their mission is to not only build a beautiful, sustainable sculpture for the community to enjoy, but also to empower local Puerto Ricans with skill-building workshops that will help them improve and rebuild their lives. Standing tall at 22', MÚCARO will be a safe space for exploration, creativity, and education on subjects such as renewable energy and building.

The exterior of the owl will be constructed from repurposed fallen trees and rubble from the hurricanes Irma and Maria, including materials from destroyed structures. “We yearn to build with community, for the community. All materials and tools for the project will be bought locally, and we want to encourage local artists, teachers, youth and children to participate in the construction of MÚCARO,” says NiNo. Once built, the space will be used as a classroom by our various partners, like RuckusRoots and The Ricky Martin Foundation, all seeking to provide skills and support to the people of the island, evoking imagination and creative solutions.

To find out more about MÚCARO for Puerto Rico, please visit their crowdfunding page

Night Light Tree — Kathleen Smith — West Hollywood, CA

Niloticus — Peter Hazel — Reno, NV

Peter Hazel will return to the playa in 2019. Prior work: 2017, 2015

Nirmanakaya — Michael Emery — Santa Cruz, CA

Artist’s bio:

I've been exploring in the world of art for most of my life. I began seriously exhibiting my artwork in 1982. I began professional production in 1985. I've been teaching Art to High School students in Santa Cruz, Ca. since 1987. I began attending Burning Man in 2000. Every year on the playa I find my love for artistic expression reinvented and reinvigorated. I've installed or will install my sculpture on the Black Rock Playa every year from 2005 to 2014 (with the exception of 2012).

No Place Like Home — Trey Watkins, Mara Greenberg, Alan Becker and Frogma — San Francisco, CA

In prior years, the artistic team has brought fire to the playa in the form of kinetic sculpture. (see 2017, 2015, other work).

In 2019, they intend to expand their work with an installation featuring a farm house in poor repair, with a whimsical path leading to a fire feature.

O NOME DA ROSA – Solar ignition fire & mechanical energy generator — Nuno Paulino & Artelier? TNR Studios— Loures, Portugal

Concept Drawing, O Nome Da Rosa

Artist note:

“The Rose is "the Godess’s" playa name, a fire sculpture waiting for the sun. After traveling 97 million miles in 6.8 seconds, the Sun's ray arrives to the desert concentrating power in the Fresnel lens center, producing...Fire. Time to put the Rose upside down and see the goddess burn in a perfect fire beam shape. Night and day inspiring presence, an impactful Art Form, and a sun and Bioenergy generator all built in sustainable materials because we believe that there´s no true aesthetic without an ethic.”

Ilustration and art : Jose Baetas : 3dArt : Eduardo Caramujo : Assistence : Tiago Poeira 

The project is raising funds here.

Read about the lead artist here: Article on artist in Portuguese

Optical Illusion Wheel — Joe Culpepper — Outremont, Canada

Dr. Joseph Culpepper is a performance scholar, magician, and magic consultant.

Joseph has a head full of secrets and hands that know how to use them. He is a Mitacs Elevate postdoctoral fellow at Concordia University’s department of English and Cirque du Soleil’s C:Lab. As an Associate Researcher and instructor at CRITAC (the Center for Circus Arts Research, Innovation and Knowledge Transfer) at the National Circus School of Montreal, he teaches magic history and its adaptation to the circus arts. He is a cofounder of the performance collective Ars Mechanica, a member of The Magic Circle in London, and works as a consultant for both private and public organizations.

Dr. Culpepper holds a PhD in comparative literature from the University of Toronto. His dissertation, “Reception and Adaptation: Magic Effects, Mysteries and Con Games,” analyzes how individuals experience magic through various media. A recent profile on his current research can be found here.

Paraluna — Christopher Schardt — Oakland, CA

Enough said? One of the best installations returns in 2019.

Christopher Schardt’s Paraluna

Penguin Colony and Acavallo Roost — Quill Hyde and Acavallo — Tonasket, WA

The colony is to draw in people that are in transit, going in or out past the keyhole - a burner trap, as it were, to cause participants to pause in their rush, and meet each other and hang out for a minute or an hour. The fires provide comfortable warmth, the benches a place to relax, the penguins a visual treat. The shack a secret place, rewarding the curious with crackers and anchovies.

The roost is able to hold a swarm, big enough to bring together a community, but with spaces at a personal scale - to encourage both large and small interactions between the participants. You can climb the towers, cozy up in nests, array along the planked jetty, dance on the deck, interact with the carousel and all the other art-cars it'll draw in. Designed to be accessible at any physical ability or comfort level - ramps to reach the lower levels (jetty, stage, and lower nest), ladders to reach the upper nests, and on up to the top if you want to - but always with ropes at easy reach, and a net beneath. 

A daytime chill-space, nests for lounging burner-birds, secret under-pier space for shaded dialogues, a tree-fort for grown children and their little ones to enjoy. At night, the carousel party, all sexy ambiance and fat beats, a spontaneous and constantly shifting dreamscape as participants flow through the piece.

Phoenix Rising — Lisa Nigro and Draka Arts — San Antonio, TX

Read more on Lisa here.

Lisa Nigro’s Phoenix Rising

Pieuvre — Kelly Schott and A.S.A.P. Arts Collective — San Diego, CA

This beautifully ornate octopus will create an ethereal essence of submersion underwater into the deep depths of the sea by bringing the ocean floor to the BRC.

Made of stainless steel, copper, and brass textured metals – the body form will feature delicate seaweed filigree accents, LED lit suckers, and stained glass mosaics. An assortment of colors, textures, shape, line, and movement will be used to create contrasting visual effects and accentuate certain detailed decorative aspects of the body. “Pieuvre” will be grounded by the support in her home of beautiful coral reef, swimming fish, and delicate sea anemone flowers that dance by our feet as we stand beneath her alluring light show. She will hold fire lanterns to light up the night and heat passerby with her warmth.

ASAP Collective
A talented group of friends – welders, woodworkers, artists, and creatives who have been making beautiful things, building art, and integrating their work into the BM community throughout San Diego for the past couple of years.  Design team includes San Diego Community Members: Kelly Schott, Bryson Allen, Kristen Williams, Dawn Sardenas, Wiley Weldy. ASAP projects include: Kinetic fire sculpture, “Genesis“; Fire breathing, “Worm“; Venus firetrap, “Dionea“; and “The Punkin” Art Car.

See other past projects here.

Plaza of Introspectus — Iron Monkey Arts — Seattle, WA

Iron Monkey Arts’s The Plaza of Introspection

The Plaza of Introspectus is a 60’ wide gathering space laid out in the shape of a compass. In the center, a tall pedestal supports a large steel armillary. Benches and fire zen gardens fill the space offering rest and reflection.

The perimeter is defined by four arrow shaped alcoves pointing inward. The alcoves will be made out of curved steel panels and each will have a solitary bench inside. Participants seated on a bench will be privy to a view of the playa augmented by a bright polestar hanging in front of them.  

In the center stands an 8’ tall steel paneled pedestal. On top of this is a large steel armillary. Inspired by celestial maps, the armillary is 6’ across and will be lit at night with copious amounts of propane fire.  Inside the perimeter will be four ornate, two-person s-shaped benches. There will also be four fire zen gardens which are steel bowls filled with sand and piped with propane.  Many components of this project are repurposed pieces from past projects. 

Playa Nebula - Mark Richards

Playa Nebula is a new art installation to be experienced at BEquinox 2019 and Burning Man 2019 .

The Playa Nebula project intended to appear as though it is a nebula taken from space and placed on the desert floor. Nebula photos are colorful and soft; light passes through different gas-formed space matter to reflect different colors. The project will evoke both the cloud-like and colorful character of these images.

The installation is a pair of nebula-like structures that provide a place for people to sit, lounge, and play on. The form will be an aggregate of different sizes and quantities of exercise balls. The balls will be color coordinated and LED lit from below, to recall the colorful space images. Each ball cluster will be contained by a net enclosure to secure them in place. The woven net allows for the surface of the nebula to flex under people’s position on it. The exercise ball base will create a responsive structure for people as they move or sit on the clouds.

With Playa Nebula, we hope to provide a place: for self reflection; for quiet moments that become memories; and for a pause in an atmosphere of immense activity for balance.

Nebula is intended to be both viewed and experienced; neither one without the other. While the initial concept is visually linked to an astronomical element - the project does not solely rely on this. Rather, the important function is to invite the viewer into a participatory act; first with the piece itself, second with the surrounding environment. The cloud-like furniture should act as a place to connect to one another and witness the broader experience of the desert as universe.

Nebula allows for equal experience -  it will appeal to families, children, and adults with a variety of physical or intellectual disabilities. Quite often viewing and interacting with art is challenging for certain people. It’s important that artists provide work for people of all ages, size, and restrictions to experience - that is the goal of this project. Interactivity is at ground level so people with physical limitations can interact equally. It’s both tactile and visual; this allows access for blind and deaf people to interact with the project. It’s also inclusive of those with intellectual disabilities; who may have high or low energy tendencies. It is sensory friendly; lighting is not aggressive and there is no triggering audio associated with this project.

The materials of this project are ubiquitous separately, but unique in product. Decommodifying ‘art’ by using recognizable things, into something new. Further, these materials will also be given a second life after exhibition; adaptive reuse. The exercise balls will be donated to rehab and community centers, the netting will be repurposed as netting for youth sports.

Contribute to this project here.

Portal — David Oliver and Art City Monsters — Ventura, CA

About the Artist:

Greetings and welcome. I've been drawing and creating art since my early childhood. Over the years, many people told me I should be an artist. So I became a monk!

At the age of 21 I joined a Hindu monastery to lead an idealistic lifestyle. I lived and served there for over 16 years. That was a very rewarding period for me and has shaped me into the person I am today. Due to a series of sudden and unexpected events, I had to leave the monastery and start a new life. Pursuing a career as an artist was a natural decision.

Having been inspired by and saturated with the universal principles of spirituality for so many years, I seek to convey the same through my art. The primary intention behind my art is to inspire, educate, and promote higher thinking. In short, I seek to quicken the spirits of those who view my art. However, you'll also find me occasionally depicting topics of a more lighthearted and whimsical nature. I find this helpful in counterbalancing the more solemn aspects of reality.

Purr Pods — Paige Tashner and Laser Eyes of Love — Richmond, CA

Experience the healing power of the purr.
Feline forms gaze with Laser Eyes of Love and envelop participants in sonic vibrations. Snuggle down into the cozy bellies of the Purr Pods and be revived.

Read more about the Purr Pods here. Watch the latest update here.

Paige has been a long time participant, and brought her first art to the playa in the form of a mutant vehicle in 2014. In 2018, she created her first installation art piece, Stardust (pictured below). More on past work can be found here, and here.

Puzzles and Prayers – Reinventing the Prayer Wheel — Gwen Darling, Gwen and Josh Art— Reno, NV

Gwen Darling’s Puzzles and Prayers

Prayer wheels have been used in Tibetan culture for almost 2,000 years as a visual aid to guide prayers for compassion and enlightenment. It is said that the spinning wheel radiates the prayer written within and is as spiritually potent as if the prayer was spoken aloud. I'd like to reinvent the prayer wheel. Typically, seen as individual wheels aligned in long rows, the "Puzzles and Prayers" wheel components will be arranged in a grid. Each ceramic wheel will be a puzzle piece. When spun into alignment with the rest, the wheels will compose a beautiful mural.  It will give the participant a unique opportunity to interact with this spiritual tradition as well as discovering the hidden image of the contemporary mural. [More]

Quality of Life — Josh Vaile — Reno, NV

Past work of Josh Vaile. More information on Quality of Life from the Union Phi Facebook page.

Reactor Project - Joanna Sz - Gerlach, NV

Reared In Steel’s Fire Kethedral — Kevin Clark and Reared in Steel, LLC — Petaluma, CA

Kevin Clark;s Fire Kethedral

REFUGE — Douglas Kittredge and The Woods West Oakland — Oakland, CA

Sagrada Perihelia — Brandon Harvey — Los Angeles, CA

Brandon Harvey’s Sagrada Perihlia Simulation

See Trees - Heather Shaw Bischoff

See Trees is an interactive, life-sized sculpture of aspen trees with peep holes to observe various scenes. The forest is customizable to fit any space that people of all ages will wander through. Viewers may pass by or notice twinkly lights and curious imagery in the bark patterns. Closer examination of an aspen’s eye will lure people to discover the inside of the tree trunks—a portal to another realm. Internal trunk space holds power for rewarding discovery and creating experiences—kaleidoscopic images, shapes, and colors; simple mirror illusions for viewing a diorama; mini LCD screens that play reverse loops or live feed from cameras on-site.

See Trees has a self-sufficient build plan with massive potential for participation and collaboration. Aspens are constructed of varnished papier-mâché reinforced by cardboard sonotubes, steel skeleton/base, and a fabric canopy. This installation presents a balance between known/unknown and situates the audience as both a voyeur and vulnerable subject, exploring paranoia and surveillance. We invite you to examine your relationship to nature in modern society. Pondering questions of a multi-faceted universe; in what ways might lifeforms relate and communicate to each other and what stories do we all share?

Donate here.

Serenity — Flaming Lotus Girls — San Francisco, CA

Concept drawings of Serenity by the Flaming Lotus Girls.

Skywhale: The Not ShyWhale — Blake Marcus and Accidental Adventure — Amherst, MA

Blake Marcus’s Skywhale

Slonik - Ksenia Gruk - Moscow Russia

Artist statement:

Let’s help the #Slonik to get pumped in the desert!  This is my second project for the Burning Man. Last year I brought a gigantic hologram  to the playa. 

This year I want to draw attention to elephant mistreatment in Africa and Asia. We should not let the elephants go extinct. If you take one element away from the eco chain it will affect all the other creatures including humans themselves!

So I designed a 20m/65ft fluorescent elephant which Is hard to miss no matter where it is displayed.

P.S. I’ve already started the production of a smaller version of #Slonik (5m/160) which I’m planning to install here in Moscow.

Slonik fundraising efforts can be found here.

Sputnik Theremin — Ulf Ljungdahl — Oxelosund, Sweden

Stone 27 — Ben Langholz — Berlin & other points worldwide

You will be invited to walk among the stones, the highest of which will be 20’ above playa. There will be 28 stones total, 27 of which are hanging. Each stone will weigh about 500-800lbs

Stone 27 invites you on a journey between the energies earth and sky. Temporarily experience a alternate reality where potentially destructive energy has been harmonized with our most basic law of nature to create a moment of physical and mental elevation as you make your way along the path of 27 floating stones 20 feet off The Playa floor. The project’s website includes more information and photos. They are also seeking volunteers, space in for fabrication in Reno and financial contributions on their website.

Ben Langholz’s Stone Three Point Twenty Seven

Syzygy — Taylor Dean Harrison — Oakland, CA

Taylor’s prior work.

Taking Flight — Nicki Adani — Mill Valley, CA

"Taking Flight" represents the metamorphosis of women leaving behind what has weakened us, speaking up, and coming home to who we truly are.  Connecting with inner strength, spreading wings and taking flight

"Taking Flight" inspires viewers to claim their authentic selves, inspiring them to leave behind what is holding them back.  A 10-foot tall feminine bird-like figure, welded from raw steel rods and tubes, her wings spread wide, lifts off and takes flight from her perch upon a 10-foot tall spoked wheel, representing the circle of life.  Participants interact by making colorful ropes and weaving them into the wheel as a metaphor of releasing and transforming one's past. Experiences already lived through can't be erased, but they can speak their truths, and be let go.  In the process, individuals can connect to their inner strength, allowing them to spread their wings to fly.

 Artist statement:

I like big tools. Powerful tools. At first, they intimidated me. But In the midst of extreme heat and flying sparks, with liquid metal pooling before my eyes, I have seen new life emerge from raw material, and an entire universe open up. The process of building “Taking Flight” serves as a perfect metaphor, allowing me to conquer my fears and persevere.

I met my husband at Burning Man in 2004, and we returned almost every year until our first child was born.  It is the biggest playground and most awe-inspiring art exhibit in the world; being there gives me a sense of joy and freedom that I have never found anywhere else. I knew we would go back when the children were old enough to appreciate it, but until last summer, I had no idea that I would return as an artist.

Birds and wings have been the emphasis of my sculpting work from the start, as they inspire a feeling of freedom and empowerment.  A few months ago, an image of a falcon taking flight off a giant wheel came to me. A second later, that image was superimposed on the canvas of the beautiful Black Rock Desert where Burning Man takes place, and I knew I had to build it.  

It was not until I took an early maquette to a foundry to be made that the image of the playa reasserted itself, and I knew that “Taking Flight” was not meant to sit on a shelf. It was destined to be a giant figure at Burning Man, carrying its meaning of awakening and spreading one’s wings to fly freely into the world. Once I made the decision, the Burning Man application deadline was due in exactly nine days. There was no time to waste or to second-guess myself. I would have to learn a million things I did not know, including metal fabrication. Luckily, I like a challenge so as soon as I got back to the studio I began to build a prototype.

My dream quickly became a reality when Burning Man accepted my piece and awarded me a grant to get me started on bringing ‘Taking Flight’ to life.

Not too many months from now, after days of intensive labor, my 20-person crew (some of whom are old friends coming from overseas) will lay down our tools and look up at this beautiful, illuminated bird lifting off from its wheel, ready to spread her wings, just as the process of constructing her has allowed me to spread mine.

Volunteer here. Contribute here.


Tetractys — Robyn Hines, Keenan McCune, Daniel Young and Thirty Circles - Portland, OR

The Tetractys is an ancient symbol used to represent the geometric organization of known dimensions and the four classical elements (fire, air, water and earth). Our installation is an ancient forge of eternally reflected flames paying homage to the monoliths and obelisks of old. Within the heart of Tetractys is a sphere of fire embodying the power of the stars and mirroring the magnificent phenomenon that is humankind’s fleeting yet purposeful moment within our observable universe. The massive expanse of the cosmos can feel dark and overwhelming, yet we aspire to find meaning and purpose, carving out a small corner of consciousness while illuminating the darkness around us. Humanity has seen fire as both an agent of purity and symbol of righteousness and truth; of creation and destruction. Fire cleanses and allows new growth while also captivating and offering moments of self reflection and wonder to those who watch it’s dance. It is an explosive metamorphosis of bright energy, much like humanity itself.

The Dollhouse — Tiana Husted and House of Strange Rituals — Eugene, OR

The Dollhouse is a life-size dollhouse replica, modeled after a turn of the century Victorian home, where participants are encouraged to discover haunted elements by interacting with objects that trigger light and sound. Through exploration, participants uncover the story of The Eddy Family, notorious for hosting occult events. The back side of the home has the illusion of being completely exposed to open playa, but is enclosed with clear acrylic paneling. This allows citizens of Black Rock City to see the illuminated structure, and the people inside, from afar. Each room has a unique interactive sound installation, which plays off the concept of a seance gone wrong. The Dollhouse transports participants to an ethereal world on playa, captivating and enticing all to play and discover more secrets within.

House of Strange Rituals is an art collective led by femmes, based out of Eugene, OR. As a collective, we are driven by a fascination with oddities, strange art, and technology, and strive to create unique and immersive experiences.

Donations are being requested here.

The Flybrary — Christina Sporrong — El Prado, NM

The Flybary at Night

From the artist:
The Flybrary is an extraordinary library within an enormous human head, partially cut open at the top allowing a flock of illuminated birds to emerge. Within the head are several levels of catwalks to climb, and nooks and crannies in which to sit and enjoy the selection of books. The eyes and mouth are portholes to the outside world. Up above, the open ceiling holds a large forged chandelier radiating soft light within.  It's a dreamy, transformative space providing an intimate and surreal refuge for contemplation, written wisdom and freedom of thought.

The artist is seeking:

The library of books for the project: I imagine hundreds and hundreds of timely and relevant books.
Assistance with: LED display for the birds, 3D drafting drawings and other people willing to help with the project.

Please visit the artist’s blog for the latest news.

Christina Sporrong’s The Flybray

The Folly — Dave Keane and Folly Builders — San Francisco, CA

Kave Keane’s The Folly

The Heads — Jeremy Suurkivi and Major Crimes — San Francisco, CA

The Head Maze - Matthew Schultz, The Pier Group - Sparks, NV

Head Maze is a 4 story mediating mind, resting on one hand and ripping its face off to reveal a crystalline stained glass being. Inside of the mind is an immaculate interactive 4 story, 18 room maze of our subconscious and dreams. It's a massive collaboration dedicated to the complexities of cognition, our common struggle between body and mind, nature and nurture and our persistently fluctuating perception of self. At its most basic, the Head Maze is our attempt to help everyone who struggles with their mind know that they are not alone, that we struggle too, and it’s ok to feel a little mad in this society that we have created. The Head Maze will premiere at Burning Man in 2019 and return to Reno for permanent display in 2020.

The Head Maze is a purposeful juxtapositions of 2 forms, a peaceful meditative reflection and our inevitable struggle with the nature of our cognition. Its a monolithic mind caught in time between multiple selves. The head towers 40 feet over the playa floor, encased in mulberry paper and epoxy modeled after the work of Yoshio Ikezaki. The head, rests in repose while its left hand claws at its mind fighting to reveal a crystalline stained glass structure being akin to The Space Whale inside.

A series of hidden doors in the mouth, wrists and head open into a 4 story, 18 room maze. Each 10 x 8 foot modular room creates a unique space dedicated to the nature of our minds, our struggles with being and the weird and fanciful process of dreaming. An interactive participatory playground hidden inside a beautiful monumental mind. .

8 entrances and exits allow participants to easily flow through the Maze, with clearly marked exits in every room. Enter through the mouth and play with an interactive voice box. Pick a door and travel into an undersea stained glass world or into a mad extremists hermit cabin. Each room is a fully realized reality, meticulously crafted, richly detailed, compelling and interactive. The rooms are each designed by different teams of artists including over a dozen guest artists with each of the rooms building up a vibrant narrative to be discovered as participants play, explore, experiment and collaborate with each other to discover all of the paths through the mind. Wonder into the madness of the creative mind, through a gentle garden and out onto the 3rd story balcony of a Gothic cityscape. Riddle your way through the puzzles in the Nuclear Control room or discover the buried stories of the denizens of the mind through their notes and journals. Who lives in the mind? What is it trying to share with us?

Volunteer. Donate.

The Intersection X — Anna Yudina and Invisible Pink Unicorns — Moscow, Russia

The Man’s Army — Michael Ciulla — Los Angeles, CA

The Monumental Mammoth — Tahoe Mack, with The Protectors of Tule Springs, Dana Albany, and Luis Valera- Rico — Las Vegas, NV

The Monumental Mammoth by Tahoe Mack, with The Protectors of Tule Springs, Dana Albany, and Luis Valera-Rico

The Sabbatical — Andrew White and Neophyte Nexus — Toronto, Canada

The Shrine of Sympathetic Resonance — Tyson Ayers and Sympathetic Resonances — Oakland, CA

The Shrine of Sympathetic Resonance immerses participants in the phenomena of 20,000 musical strings sympathetically resonating the sounds they make while inside. The wonder & joy induced by this experience invites participants to play with their own sounds by singing, laughing, crying, or howling. [More]

The Spa at Lake Lahontan — Catie Magee, Jennifer Blakeslee, Ben Anderson & Aaron Dana, FLUX Foundation — San Francisco, CA

The Towers of Crete — Daniel Fennelly — Oakland, CA

The Tree of Life — Tyler J. Rivenbark & The Institute for Human Creativity — San Francisco, CA

The Tree of Life Project is a long term art, innovation and environmentalism project with the objective to transform and improve our relationship with the natural world. The project includes the creation of a large scale interactive art and architecture piece, and the long term activation of programs that are focused on environmentalism. The 10-story art piece, reminds us of our deep connection with each other and all life on this planet, while inviting us to participate in opportunities of transformation and creative interactivity. This large-scale art installation will be showcased at Burning Man 2019, and placed in a permanent location after. We are grateful to have received an Honorarium from Burning Man Arts and thankful for all the volunteers helping with this vision. 

Learn more about the project here. Visit the project website here, which also includes links to volunteer for the project or make a financial contribution.

This project will be seeking a permanent home after Burning Man, which could include a city, organization or a private patron location.

The Wheels of Zoroaster Resurrection — Anton Viditz-Ward — Telluride, CO

The fiery banner at the top of this article is one of Anton Viditz-Ward’s past projects. Here are some others.

Welder, architect, artist, Anton Viditz-Ward works out of an abandoned mine several miles outside of Telluride Colorado, and showcases his work there as well. Working with heavy steel on a large scale, Anton constructs living, breathing shapes that he loads with wood, torches and spins via huge axles.

Theophany — Matthew Goodman and Coup De Foudre — San Francisco, CA

From a distance, the observer may see what appears to be a larger and life lantern or lighthouse.  As they get closer, drawn by the warm light, they discover that the swirling flame is fed by intricate helical latticework of curved glass forms.

The visitor pulls a curiously large lever. Suddenly, the flame shape shifts to a louder buzzing blue trail, culminating in a cacophonous blue electric arc swirling through the fire. [More]

More of the artist’s past work.

Trinity Light Chimes - Sean Michael Kenny - Baltimore, MD

Combining the power of wind and light, Trinity involves the use of large polished aluminum disks that have lengthy "chimes" dangling below them. Anchored on reflective metal stands, the chime's base includes a rim outlined in LED strip lights.  Light is then projected onto the ground. A paddle made of lenses catch the wind and moves a circular hammer, also made from lenses, to gently connect with the chimes and produce a relaxing sound.

Along with the metal rims, I will be utilizing a myriad of optical lenses and other reflective material to manipulate the physical properties of light and the emptiness of space to create the work of art. Flowing and undulating in an organic pattern, the lighted rims and reflective material will flow and ripple in an organic pattern.

The lights symbolize harmful bright lights from buildings in large cities that can mask stars used for navigation resulting in birds getting off course. The aluminum disks reference birds ingesting carelessly disposed of metals that can affect birds breeding behaviors and negatively affect the health of bird populations.

Fundraising efforts can be found here.

Toxic Unicorn — Madeleine Hamann and Unicorn Liberation Front — San Diego, CA

Toxic Unicorn, Madeleine Hamann, lead artist

Toxic Unicorn is a mesmerizing, life-sized sculpture of a unicorn. She is made of translucent, rainbow-swirled, recycled HDPE plastic that is pelletized, extruded, wrapped, and molded onto a waffled plywood frame. The frame, designed to hold the weight of 5 adults, is laced with tri-color, addressable LEDs that shimmer like rainbow mist. Her mane and tail are fibrous strands made from 2L soda bottles with their edges left raw so that they are beautiful but scratchy and unpleasant to the touch. Her golden horn is wrapped in cow tape that delivers a safe but memorable 120V shock at 120 microamps. A spring mechanism attached to her tail opens a valve briefly to spritz water vapor, release ammonium sulfide, and dispel the smell of rotten eggs. She is supported by carousel pole that run through her centerline and beckons you to climb aboard, but proximity sensors on her back trigger disturbing, discomforting sounds if you stay too long!

Most Burners have run into a real-life Toxic Unicorn or two–those enchanting humans that draw you in until you realize there’s something a little… off.

Outwardly, Toxic Unicorn seems to encourage a superficial level interaction–a perfect prop for an insta-worthy photo. Her unpleasant reactive features, though, force participants to reckon with a playful, unexpected piece and her multi-level message.

On one level Toxic Unicorn is a shimmery facade warning that a focus on outward appearances can lead to disappointing, dissatisfying relationships rather than genuine interpersonal connection.

On another level, Toxic Unicorn’s composition begs us to reflect on humanity’s relationship with our favorite toxic unicorn material. Since post-war popularization, plastics have enabled incredible innovation and permeated human culture; now, we’re beginning to see something a little… off!

Though each will have a unique experience, Toxic Unicorn aims to instill curiosity and provoke reconsideration of those things in life that appear to be beautiful and perfect.

Toxic Unicorn is birthed by the Unicorn Liberation Front: a budding collective of artists, scientists, engineers, designers, and radical humans that stand to liberate the unicorn from its social stigma and the constructs of fantastical standards. We fight to end expectations about how we look, how we behave, and WTF we’re actually capable of. We will regain magical sovereignty and ultimately dismantle the delusional mythological-caste system. Join us! Oh, we make art, too.

Transmutation — Arturo Gonzalez and Arte Conciencia S.C. — Saltillo, Mexico

Traversing Through Dust — Ramiro Martinez Jr. and MATH Collective — San Diego, CA

Life can sometimes feel as though we are aimlessly traversing through the dust while we try to get to our destinations. The path is not always clear or visible, or for that matter, the path may not even exist. A bridge is defined as a structure carrying a pathway or roadway over a depression or obstacle. A bridge is also defined as a time, place or means of connection or transition. Traversing Through Dust aims to remind participants that the means for transition/bridges are ours to create. In the end the decisions and self-reflections we make, pave the path to where we want to be and whom we choose to become.

Out of the dust citizens of Black Rock City will see a metal bridge made up of 5 towers with 6 decks suspended from the towers. These decks will be made of wood and held up with lifting cable. Decks will start at ground level. They will rise to a height of 20 feet. The bridge will take up 6 sides of an octagon. Participants will be able to interact with lights which will be attached to the towers. The lights will produce shadows and trail effects that will cause participants to question their reality. Participants are encouraged to write on the structure about their experience at designated locations. Participants will be able to climb the structure.

The project is seeking financial help as well as volunteers. Donate here. Volunteer here.

MATH Collective
The MATH Collective is comprised of a talented group of individuals ranging from the fields of architecture, engineering, mathematics and electronics. Our Design team includes San Diego Community Members: Mark Anderson, Max Elliott, Diane Hoffoss, David Timms, Brenda de la Cruz, Jazmin Arredondo and Ramiro Martinez. Collective project experience includes the following projects, Wonderlust Arcade, Critter Art Car, Unfolding Humanity, Cabina Exuro,Caroushell, Quemaduras del Sol, Starfish, Isis Pyramid and The Journey. Their mission is to bring new experiences to the community using Architecture, Engineering and Electronics that evoke the minds of Participants.

Welcome Home — Joey Howell and Salt Mind — Salt Lake City, UT

Burners call the playa home. Home not because of the location, but because of the people we share it with; friends, family, lovers, strangers. Welcome Home creates an absurdly normal setting by taking a space associated with default homes and bringing it to our true home. This fully decorated parlor in the sky invites wanderers to climb, explore the interactive elements, and enjoy the view.

See more at

Windchest — Ange Sarno — Watertown, MA

Windchest is an interactive architectural landscape comprised of art deco styled columns surrounded by actuator pads. The sculpture is reminiscent of a pipe organ and aims to combat cultural isolation through group curated play. Participants collaboratively activate Windchest by jumping on nearby LED-lit pads that compress like bellows which sends a signal to one column to produce sound and light.

Windchest fosters singular creativity through group action and expression, encouraging not only large scale participant play, but facilitating collaboration and interactivity among groups of strangers. From afar, Windchest is a series of softly lit monolithic columns rising and falling out of the desert, reminiscent of ancient architecture and evocative. Upon arrival, users enter an implied space, delineated by the pads strewn across the playa around the columns. Participants will feel tentative at first, reluctant to step on the pads, but after testing their surfaces, feeling the platforms sink under their weight, they are rewarded with the immediate response of light, fire and music from the columns. Bringing the sculpture to life encourages participants to experiment with the other pads and encourages others to join in. Participants weave in and out of the space between columns to immerse themselves in the music as others run from pad to pad to play the sculpture.

Windchest is being brought to the playa by a diverse group of fabricators, architects, engineers, and pyrotechnicians based out of Boston, MA. We are looking to build up our crew and engage in fundraising to ensure that our fire system becomes a reality.

If you’d like to get involved you can join the project or keep informed by following them on Facebook. Sign up to help.

Wing Portal - Suki Summersal - Malibu, California

Built as a gift for California, a sculpture of transcendence made from the ruins of the 2018 fires. As a visual metaphor to transcendence, our team is building a monument out of the ruins from the fire and is bringing it to another place of deep personal transformation: Burning Man. After the Burn, the sculpture will be publicly installed in California. The wings span 60 ft. across , and are built out of recycled metal, iridescent panels and thousands of LED lights.

This past fall our community here in California was hit by the devastating fires that destroyed hundreds of homes and affected so many lives. These events have deeply changed us. 

As a visual metaphor to transcendence and metamorphosis, our team is building a sculpture out of the ruins from the fire and is bringing it to another place of deep personal transformation: Burning Man. And after the Burn, the sculpture will be publicly installed in California. 

The wings span 60 feet across, and are  built out of recycled metal, iridescent dichroic acrylic panels and thousands of LED lights. 

Wings of Glory — Adrian Landon and the Dusty Sparks — New York, NY

Wings of Glory will be a giant interactive kinetic mechanical metal Pegasus sculpture, elevated on a pedestal and base. With a sculpted skeleton and most of the mechanics visible, the Pegasus will run and fly in slow motion, making 6 gallop and flap cycles per minute, all running off of one electric motor. The pedestal will be covered in moving, swirling cloud shapes. The Pegasus will also have a propane flame effect system that will shoot large flames out from certain points and spread out along channels, such as down the mane of the neck, along the wings, tail and body. Inside the base of the pedestal will be a room with information on the project and a Mini Mechanical Horse encased in Plexiglas. There will be 8 buttons on small stands along the perimeter of the base, where if 8 people coordinate to push all the buttons at the same time, they can make it run for 2 minutes. 

The project is in the final design stage now and construction will begin at the Buffalo Creek Art Center near Reno, NV, in May 2019. 

More of the artist’s past work.

Adrian Landon’s Wings of Glory

Wishing Wings Project - Mariel Pauline, Brooklyn, New York


The Wishing Wings Project is an interactive art installation meant to invoke intention-setting and goal-getting. With your help, the Wishing Wings will continue to catalyze the waking of dreams into reality at events across North America this summer and beyond! We invite you to invest in intention. With your support we will continue spreading our wings.

An Alter For Intention

The Wishing Wings are an event-specific installation meant to inspire people to speak their wishes into existence.

The base of the Wings is typically shaped using a combination of chicken wire and scrap wood, with responsibly-sourced local bark and branches used to form the exterior. The Wings are then adorned with crystal garlands, flowers, and found #prettyshinythings.

Community members are invited to write/draw their wishes on a heart, and attach the hearts to the Wings - allowing others to witness and hold space for their intentions. At the closing of each display, the Wings are saged and each heart is carefully removed by Wing guardians - who then transport the wishes for burning. 

We are happy to announce that the Wishing Wings have been invited to be shared at art festivals, concerts, and intentional gatherings in Ontario and North America this Summer of 2019.

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