Dan Miller: The Second Builder of the Man

Dan lived with Larry Harvey for much of Larry’s life, in a cramped rent-controlled apartment in Alamo Square in San Francisco.

When Jerry James stepped away from the Burning Man project in 1989, Dan took over as the lead builder of the Man, and continued leading the project for several years.

He moved out in 2000 upon getting married.

The guys initially started building the Man at the shop where Dan Miller worked, called Sound on Stage, in San Francisco. Then they moved operations to Campbell’s house in South City. Miller was the main helper in Man-building from the beginning, instrumental and around in the first place because he literally lived inside the closet in Larry’s apartment. Miller took over as lead Man builder in ’90-91 (because Jerry James left) and then Campbell from ’93 or ’94 to ’99 or 2000.

Dan in 1991

Dan in 1991